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GeekPoint are a web design and development company, we specialise in design and branding solutions to establish and maximise your company’s online identity. Whether you require a small website offering existing and potential customers product information or you want a new and complete online presence, we provide a tailored professional service with technical expertise to create bespoke solutions and strategies to fit your needs.

At GeekPoint we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technological advances and keep ourselves updated with the constant changes in web and design trends. We design all our solutions to represent the changing shift in consumer habits. We aim to understand your business so we can develop a targeted marketing strategy to generate more custom and help you succeed.

Every project we undertake is a combination of our skills and your input, this helps us create your unique business identity that stands out from the crowd. Our process is very simple, its a flexible approach, we can involve you in as much of the design as you feel necessary, maintain constant communications throughout and continuous support after.

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Our Unique Services

Website Design

In today’s market it is essential for every business to offer a professionally designed and aesthetically pleasing website. Not only this but consumers habits are changing. There are now roughly 5 million people accessing the web on their mobiles, 5 times more than those using a PC. Google have found that 88% of consumers that search for a type of local business on a mobile device, will call or visit that business within 24 hours.

The web is a platform that no other marketing can offer you, it puts your business on an equal playing field with every other competitor and puts you in the eyes of the whole world at any time day or night. With a carefully designed website from GeekPoint you can project an image of professionalism and offer your potential customers a starting point to learn about your business, obtain vital information and instil trust.

We offer:
• A personally designed website suited specifically to your business needs and objectives
• Web optimisation to ensure your brand looks and feels the same across all platforms and technologies
• Efficient online marketing strategies to ensure your content can reach billions of people 24 hours a day 7 days a week
• Integrated web and print branding, to communicate and advertise your brand in all media

Graphic Design

Every business needs a unique brand identity.

Your own logo will help you stand out from competitors and give potential customers one identifiable mark. This representation of your brand will combine with other key elements to begin to build a brand identity for your business. GeekPoint want to build this brand identity, which begins with your unique logo and continues throughout your website, advertising and uniforms.

We offer:
• Unique logo design giving your business it’s own personality and character
• Professionally designed promotional material including leaflets and business cards to emphasise your brand identity
• Integrated web and print branding, to communicate and advertise your brand in all media

Online Marketing

We feel it is important a company makes itself visible on the web through as many avenues as possible. Research highlights that 87% of people do not scan past the first page of search engine results, and relying on this alone does not maximise the potential of the web.

At GeekPoint we focus on website content, ensuring it provides search engines with everything they need to know to send the right consumers and lots of them to your website. We combine this with knowledge about social media trends to place your website firmly into the eyes of your target audience.

We offer:
• Search result optimisation and Google AdWords campaign management
• Utilisation and maintenance of all social media sites to support your website presence
• Recognition and implementation of the latest online marketing trends
• Email marketing campaigns to feed your clients all your latest services

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