With the world getting smaller and smaller we find ourselves with family and friends residing all over. If they happen to be in the United States of America then we have the perfect solution to keep you in constant connection with them, for FREE.

The genius of this method; you can call your American counterpart through their landline or mobile phone so there is no need for them to be at home on their computer. This allows you to call them as freely as if they were here in the UK, just be considerate of the time difference!


There is just one requirement:


Once you have the aforementioned requirement, all you need to do is download two free apps developed by Google:


When your apps are installed you’re FREE to call away, so long as you are connected to Wifi or 3g.

This also offers more benefits than just calling friends and family, such as calling American based call centres for product support etc. So if you have an Android phone, get them downloaded now and start connecting stateside.