How many times have you thought “Whats My Password?”. It’s has been suggested that collectively we lose more than 10,000 hours every year trying to retrieve lost passwords, making new ones or talking to call center representatives about them. Coupled with the security issues surrounding the very recent Heartbleed bug, now is definitely the time to improve your online security management.

All of these frustrations can change with one simple application, LastPass. LastPass can collect all of your passwords across the web and even offline, all for the low low price of FREE. Once you sign up all you need to do is remember ONE password and you’ll have access to every other password you’ve ever generated.

It works in a simple way. Once you install their small browser extension each time you access a new site requiring login details, LastPass will pop up allowing you to save your new or existing details for that site. It will also offer to generate a new secure password if you are struggling to think of one.


“Simple interface to save password”

This kind of service is available elsewhere, as all browsers have their own password memory system, however they are usually limited to that specific browser. New devices also offer such a service but again they are restricted to their specific operating software, e.g. iOS or Android. This is somewhere LastPass excels, offering multiple browser and device support all in one place so you have every password across all devices. To access LastPass on mobile and tablet devices you need to sign up to their premium account, which costs $12 (around £7) a year.

LastPass utilises 256-bit encryption meaning nobody can see your passwords without having the single account password, whereas many other password managers store your passwords in text format which can be easily accessed.

LastPass has several other useful functions including;

  • Secure password generation
  • Automatic form filling
  • Easy access to complete password vault
  • Find and alter duplicate passwords easily

GeekPoint uses LastPass everyday, if you want some help setting it up or more information, join the conversation below.